Guy Solomon: Penguin Basements Provides Foundation Repair, Waterproofing, and Other Related Services

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Purpose: The purpose of this press release is to let people in the North York and Toronto areas of Canada know about the additional services Penguin Basements offers.

Guy Solomon: Penguin Basements Provides Foundation Repair, Waterproofing, and Other Related Services

October 15, 2015

Penguin Basements has built a solid reputation in the Greater Toronto area, including North York, for being a top-notch basement remodeler. What many area customers may not know is that they also provide a host of other services to help people keep their basements, foundations, and crawl spaces in great shape. These services may be performed in conjunction with a complete basement renovation, or be requested as standalone projects.

Foundation repair is one service that is frequently requested. Foundation problems can occur due to excessive settling, termite damage, or changes in soil composition. Although rare, damage may also result from sinkholes, which in many cases can cause entire sections of a home’s foundation to collapse or crumble. Homes with foundation problems can be unsafe to inhabit, which is why having timely repairs performed is so important.

Basement waterproofing is another service that must often be completed before renovation takes place. Many people desire having a basement waterproofed to prevent mold and mildew from forming, or to ensure the space is safe to store things in. Guy Solomon’s Penguin basements can take care of everything from sealing basement walls to digging drains that will help whisk water away.

Homes built on a crawl space may incur damage if water is allowed to stand in the area too long. Crawl space encapsulation involves placing a vapor barrier on the inside walls and floor of a crawl space to help keep moisture out. This vapor barrier improves indoor air quality, and makes it less likely that mold or mildew will develop. It can also prevent future problems with a home’s foundation or subfloor, and reduces the odds of a termite infestation occurring in the future.

No project is too big or too small for the expert technicians at Penguin Basements. In addition to the above services, they also perform more routine tasks such as installing egress windows, scraping and sealing basement walls, repairing cracks in floors, and adding insulation to the walls or ceiling.

Penguin basements is proud to provide these and other services to their clients in and around Toronto. Residents of this area can call them toll free at 866-262-8298 to schedule a free consultation. All their work is performed by trained professionals, and is thoroughly inspected at numerous stages. A two-year guarantee against defects in workmanship is also provided.

basement2 - guy solomon

basement2 – guy solomon

About the Company:

Penguin Basements, headed by Guy Solomon, is a leading basement remodeling company in the Greater Toronto area. Over the years, they have built a solid reputation for providing quality work at an affordable price. They are members of the Ontario Home Builders Association, and have also received rave reviews on a number of home improvement websites. To find out more about the basement remodeling services they offer, visit

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