Guy Solomon Describes Hardwood Usage in Modern Basements


Summary: Read the article by Guy Solomon, owner of Penguin Basements, LTD and his crew. Here you will find interesting information related to the proper flooring selection, hardwood usage in basements and other important nuances and things to remember.

Home repair is the best time to make your dream ideas come true. When it comes to the colors and textures everything is up to you, but when you need to select the proper materials and techniques let the professionals work.

Let’s talk about the flooring today. The king among the variety of materials is for sure solid hardwood flooring. Its polished look will make every home beautiful and rich. It is durable and will be the decoration of your house for years.

Here Guy Solomon, owner of Penguin Basements, his team will describe all the benefits and downsides of hardwood flooring and help you select the best flooring for your basement.

Classic hardwood consists of solid planks of real wood no more than 7/16” thick. Its beauty and durability will attract every person, but according to the experts’ point of view this material is not cross functional. Wood is a very porous material, that is why it is not advisable to install it in kitchens, bathrooms and basements – all the places with high level of moisture and damp. Due to the porous structure it will absorb moisture everywhere and then the wood actually swells, and it could cause buckling or bowing in areas with high amounts of moisture. In the winter when the air tends to dry out, the resettling of the wood as it releases its moisture back into the surrounding air can cause it to crack.

Guy Solomon and other construction experts are sure that solid hardwood is not the perfect option for the basement, but they offer a variety of other materials that will present you the look of hardwood, but still have the durable and water-resistant properties as engineered wood and laminate flooring.

Engineered hardwood looks exactly like a traditional solid hardwood, but consists of plywood, hardwood and particleboard sheets that are pressed with one another to create a solid structure. According to the structure they are more stable and durable, that allows not to absorb the moisture from the surrounding air. But engineered hardwood looks like a solid hardwood due to the last layer of thin veneer, that can be polished! With all these advantages engineered hardwood flooring can be the best selection. But in comparison to classic hardwood floor it cannot be refinished several times. Anyway it is less expensive that makes it a good alternative with a wonderful look!

Guy Solomon and his team advise to come up to this question with all responsibility and weigh all the benefits and downsides before making the final decision. Penguin Basements is always glad to answer all of your questions related to basement repair, flooring selection and installation too.

About the Company: Penguin Basements is a leading Canadian company that specializes in finishing and remodeling basement areas. These guys serve Toronto houses and the surrounding areas, offering fully-transferrable lifetime warranty for all the presented services. Only this team can make your drams turn into the reality!

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